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Building or Renovating?
We Got Your Back.

Building or renovating a property is a big project, and having someone in your corner can make the process easier. As specialists in developing and building, we take the stress out of projects by proving our expert guidance, so you can confidently take the first step.

We have flexible options below, so you get the best service for what you need. Honesty, communication and transparency, with no hidden costs, is what makes us a refreshing change in project management.

Call us for a no obligation chat, and feel confident with the right team behind you.

Land Selection Review


You have found the perfect lot, but will it fit your dream home? We can help you navigate the challenges of covenants, easements and setbacks to ensure you are buying the right lot for your home. Don’t risk getting it wrong at the start.

+  Our site due diligence report checks all council overlays and services locations.
+  Site vists pre-settlement
+  We review easements, solar orientation, access.
+  Guidance through developer disclosure plans,  covenants and setbacks plans.
+  Identify potential future build and landscaping issues and costs.
+  We have over 10 years construction experience.
+  We are your land buying agent.

New Home Build Support


Building your dream home can be scary. There are many moving parts, with lots of decisions to be made. Don’t risk doing it alone. Our new build consultancy is here to help you navigate dealing with a builder. 

+  Review your site plan to ensure your home is well positioned.
+  Guidance through covenants and setbacks.
+  Review your floor plans, windows, doors, etc.
+  Ensure your house design fits your lifestyle.
+  Quote and Tender review.
+  Select upgrades which add future value.
+  Identify potential future build and landscaping issues and costs.
+  Work together to resolve builder issues.
+  We have over 10 years construction experience.
+  We are your new build specialist.



Your time is valuable. Don’t loose your weekends or taking days off to attend viewings. Let our expert eye review any potential properties you find.

+  We can do as many viewings as needed.
+  Open Homes, Pre Purchase, Pre Settlements.
+  Affordable way to have someone on the ground view a property, on your behalf.
+  We can also arrange quotes after building and pest reports are done.
+  We notice everything, from the good to the bad.
+  We provide buyer perspective photos, videos and walkthroughs.
+  Perfect for interstate buyers.
+  Take the stress out of buying a property unseen.
+  We are your eyes on the ground.


Building a new home is stressful, but we’re here to guide you through it.


Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a confidential catch up with a property expert who can walk you through our process and understand how we can help.

You Relax. We Analyse.

Send us what you have so far and we will analyse and develop a tailored checklist to help you plan your new home build journey.

Builder Time

We help you engage a builder, if needed, and work through design review and comparing quotes. Apples for apples.

Check Measure Twice.

We review your plans, tender and selections to ensure you are getting the best value from your builder, and nothing is missed.

Pre-Site Start

We help you review your construction plans to ensure it matches up to your tender, and expectations.


If you prefer, we can attend handover with you and be your wingman, to help ensure everything is what you agreed to.

The Axar Way

Pre Purchase Checks

We do our due diligence to help identify your options when buying or building.

Design & Tender Review

We unpack your design and review your tender to maximise value in your project.

Premium Service

Degree qualified and fully licensed agency. You’re in good hands.

Solid Experience

Over 10 years experience in property.
We know the people, and talk the talk.